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Mind, body, emotions, spirit, soul - All parts of us sometimes need realignment. Munyati's Royal Lwanga has a range of therapeutic services intuitively applied and meant to bring the concept of holistic wholeness and well-being to a whole new level in your life.

Whether you are working through some mentally or psychologically challenging issues, emotional blockages, or distress, or are in need of energetic realignment or support in making a spiritual connection or professional progress, we provide a safe and supportive space that provides both logical and intuitive guidance, counsel and help that will get you feeling fully aligned to your true self, your purpose, your wellness

Whole-being alignment enraptures the soul, allowing one to live out their life's purpose with joy and gusto. Are you ready to put in the work and start living your best life?

ModalitiesTechniques & Tools

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)


Based on the systematic breaking down and reconstitution of the language of the mind, its representations, patterns, and relationship to time and space, experience, and memory, NLP is unmatched in its ability to deliver results through its ability to make use of each individual mind’s own unique way of processing the information that meets them as they go through life, e.g. NLP can disconnect aspects of, reconnect aspects of, reconfigure relationships within, and realign, the mind, so that the hold of addictions or of undesired behavioral patterns can be released, sometimes instantaneously. 


Unlike the sensationalized and highly exaggerated world of stage hypnotism, hypnotherapy is a fully volitional 2-way street of communication between client and therapist to a mutually agreed end. The client is induced into a relaxed state of mind in which his unconscious mind can be called out to do the work needed to change a client’s conscious but unwanted behavior, eliminate harmful desires at their root, or even “install” an “enough” switch that gets them to break fixed patterns when they appear.


Systematized by the late Japanese Master Mikao Usui, Reiki is an alternative therapy based on plugging into the universal grid of electromagnetic energy and influencing the flow of life force in oneself and others, leading to a rebalancing of the whole being that potentially eliminates ‘stickiness’ in body, mind and spirit. It has been documented to have salutary and even healing effects all around.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping

Through the simple manipulation of pressure points around the head, hands, and face, a release of pent-up emotion, healing of past traumas, restoration of faith in oneself (self-esteem), and instilling of courage can be attained. That is the power of EFT (Tapping). Its effectiveness is well-documented. It works in a manner similar to acupuncture but does not involve needles, just the use of the practitioner’s (and/or client's) hands.

Sound Resonance Therapy

Relax your body and take in sound frequencies that enhance your well-being, heal dis-ease and bring your organs and systems into harmonic functioning. Based on nearly a century of carefully curated and validated scientific research, initially by Dr. Raymond Rife and later by many others, sound resonance therapy is non-intrusive and gentle on your system. Specific frequencies soothe, invigorate, calm, or stimulate your whole body. It is an effective complement to allopathic treatments. There are healing frequencies for every diagnosis and every symptom.


Aches and pains in the body can be indicative of a state of mental stress or repression. Relieving physical pain present helps make the mind more receptive to information and therapy. The Physiokey is an advanced, biofeedback-based device that gets rid of pain instantly by restoring homeostasis through the direct stimulation of the nervous system’s pain response mechanism. By putting the device in contact with the skin, it sends signals to the brain that call for the immediate release of pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing hormones and other internal chemicals. The relief happens in moments. Works on both chronic and acute pain.

Counseling, Therapy, and Coaching are the formats we use to deliver our therapeutic services. You can book the above listed items as standalone services or access them as part of a Plan. Click on 'Choose a Plan' below or let's talk more about what you need in a free discovery call..


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