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Keystone Human Design Reading

Meet yourself anew

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 111 US dollars
  • Foxdale Lwanga

Service Description

Life is more mysterious than we'll ever be able to explain, and yet, here we are, living in bodies, on the terrain of a body we call earth, surrounded by innumerable heavenly bodies, all of which impact on and influence each other in ways we will never understand in full. It's all part of a deliberate design. That was the premise of ancient sciences like astrology and oracular systems like the Chinese i-Ching. Human Design invites you to experiment; to explore who you may have incarnated onto this earth to be, based on when and where you were born and what was going on in the cosmos at the time; to discover how energy flows through your aura because of this, i.e., defining what's called your 'Type'; to learn who you are designed to be as encoded in your 'form' (body) and in your 'personality' (mind), i.e., presenting in what's referred to as your 'Profile'; to uncover what and how your body knows about what's correct for you and how you're designed to make decisions as you go through life, i.e., your 'Authority' and 'Strategy'; and to know for yourself the difference it makes when you're living in harmony with the design implied by the circumstances of your incarnation here.

Contact Details

  • M83F+F89 Lusaka, Zambia


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