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"You get a threat. You get a threat. You get a threat. Everybody gets a threat!"

Last week, the heritage Mbeza Royal Establishment issued a Press Release concerning the accession to the seat of Chief Nalubamba of Judge Chiimbwe Nalubamba, that it distributed to Press houses nationwide.

Today, it has come to our attention that the Press Release we had sent to Radio Kabulamwanda in our Chiefdom was stopped from being aired after 3 broadcasts, owing to, yes, you guessed it, threats from someone who identified himself as calling from, and representing, Mwachisowa Chamber, the seat of Mbeza's government.

But, as has been made clear, no one who is currently working in the so-called administration of King Nalubamba's sham chieftaincy, including the 'chief' himself, was rightly selected, anointed, or even appointed. They do not even have seals of office. Yet they possess the audacity to silence a radio station that is reporting the truth about the status of the Royal Establishment. This may become another interesting thread to follow, as it unfolds.

We as the heritage MRE are trying to talk to the higher-ups at the radio station to get a position and set things right. A community radio stations exists to share community information and news without bias or interference. Surely, someone on King's side should be aware of the illegality and plain foolishness of trying to muzzle the press, especially when your foundation is as illegitimate as theirs is. Rather than threatenand silence, why not put out a Press Release of your own, stating your position for the public record.

This move of theirs should not surprise us though. This is yet another expression of the spirit of Mwachisowa in full effect.

But we are not standing for it.

Mbeza will rise again. Under the right leadership and vision.

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