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Revealing Audio Files Released

For anyone who would like to get to hear, firsthand, what happened in Mbeza in the period leading up to King Nalubamba's sham selection and self-installation as Chief Nalubamba, two audio recordings have been released on our Telegram channel.

The first is a recording of the lubeta at the close of Bright Luu Nalubamba's funeral on June 16th 2019. In it you will hear how King & company tried to grab the seat then, the way the elders and others fought back and how the meeting ended in total chaos.

In the second recording you will hear how the elders opposed the sham selection, voicing their opposition even as an unrecognized individual named King as Chief; and how, on the day King was proclaimed to be chief, Judge Chiimbwe was blocked from being recognised as the rightly selected chief, i.e. selected by the elders, the custodians of the Chieftaincy, the bana mwami. This happened on August 18th 2019.

You can join the channel and listen here:

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