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Judge Chiimbwe Nalubamba named Sen. Chief Nalubamba

Today, the Mbeza Royal Establishment dispatched a Press Release nationwide, announcing the accession to the seat of Chief Nalubamba of Judge Chiimbwe Nalubamba.

This development has come as the Chiefdom of Nalubamba recovers from a year-and-a-half standoff between the elders (bana ba balombwana) of the Bana Mwami, grandsons of the first Chief Nalubamba, Muuluka Mwanang'ambwa, as custodians of the chieftaincy of Nalubamba and administrators of its succession and King Nalubamba, the son of the late last chief, Bright Luu Nalubamba, that saw the chiefdom's institutions and resolve challenged to nearly breaking point, as he manoeuvred his way into being seen to have been selected as Senior Chief Nalubamba, even without the blessing of the seat's true custodians.

After issuing him with a written warning on the 4th of December 2020 that his continued persistence in claiming the seat to be his by patrilineal succession would lead to undesirable outcomes, including the reinstitution of the disownment of Mwachisowa, his grandfather, and his mother and siblings from the royal household, as is well known in the village and family-wide -- a reinstitution that would eliminate his posterity from ever being able to sit on the seat of Chief Nalubamba ever again and publicly show how he does not even come close to qualifying to be chief at this time, as Mwachisowa was adopted by Munamooya and ceased to be a Nalubamba over 70 years ago -- the elders finally dropped the hammer on 7th December 2020.

A Writ of Disownment and Decree of Disownment were penned on 7th December 2020, following the expiry of the 3-day grace period given, at the end of which, instead of entreating his elders to show mercy, King, through his lawyers, cried foul, claiming he was being threatened and claiming the communication from his fathers was contemptuous of the High Court. The writ and decree are on file and will be made public in due course.

The elders withdrew the case from the court, proceeded to name and anoint a rightful successor and have registered their Chief with the House of Chiefs.

A new administration is being formed, and a new direction has been set for the Chiefdom of Nalubamba. Keep your eye on Mbeza. It rises again.

You can get a copy of the Press Release by requesting it at

Let's keep moving forward together. #kuswaanganankusumpulwa

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