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José and Desai Strike Again...

The heritage Mbeza Royal Establishment, working through its organs, and enlisting the aid of a Neighborhood security officer, one Moono Shimpande, today served the Order to Cede & Vacate to King Nalubamba's team at the Chiefdom's Chambers.

Unfortunately, Mr. Shimpande met with some hostility in the course of the exercising of his duties, when, as he later reported, Joseph 'José' Mwanambulo and Desai Nalubamba read the Order issued, rudely said the papers were forgeries (how does one forge an original, smh?), snuck in an insult about how 'Judge' should bring it himself and give it to 'the Chief' (i.e. King) on Monday, and then totally refused to either sign or recieve it. (Details to be corroborated).

While we may smart briefly over their brazen disregard for our elder and Chief, there is a simple fact we should not miss: They DID read it, as can be attested to by a living witness, Mr Shimpande himself. This means, at law, of course, that they are in receipt of the comunication. They have been served, though they choose to retain no record of it.

Their attitude comes as no surprise, though, as just yesterday we learned that King has written the Officer-in-charge, Zambia Police in Namwala, asking him to "investigate" his father by custom, head of the Bana Mwami and genuinely selected Chief Nalubamba for "impersonation" and "uttering false" somethings. Basically, he wants his father by custom, Judge Chiimbwe, to be arrested for standing up for something that is his; something given to him by qualified family representatives and sealed through the anointment by the family's known anointer/mukwashi; something King knows he's attempted to steal.

This is sad because, when the voice of the elders is finally heard by an impartial arbitrator, it will be clear to all who will have egg on his face.

It also, unfortunately, makes it clear for all to see how the legacy of the bloodline of King's grandfather Mwachisowa is hunger for power, divisiveness and destructiveness. And those standing with King in this time will learn their own bitter lessons when the last word is heard. You play with a poisonous snake at your own peril. You may call it your pet, but its nature never changes. "Mwachisowa" was not King's grandfather's original name. It was given him as a descriptive epithet that translates to: "One who does not see the value of anything, is wasteful, and throws things away without a thought". Sound familiar?

This attitude is clearly replicated and amplified in King and his party. In a selfish ploy to grab power, they are willing to burn our community's customs and tradition to the ground, beginning with a deliberate, habituated breaking the 5th Commandment, "Honour thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long in the land that the Lord thy God gives you." They insult our elders and wonder why support for them dwindles.

The battle for the seat of Nalubamba, clearly, is a battle for the very soul of Munyati and the nation of Mbeza.


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