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Why the Oracle.

The Oracle is an algorithm, part of the fabric of life’s matrix.

From time immemorial we humans have used it to predict future events, explain current conundrums, and bring closure to issues of our past.

Because it is based on an intuitive 'hotline' to a Universal Intelligence, some people have stepped away from it in the name of desiring to be more rational. With modern man's overemphasis on rationality, many layers of knowing have been lost to us as a species. Thankfully the Oracle is resilient and stays with us to this day.

When it comes to the Oracle it's not so much the tools one uses to access it as it is one’s willingness to constantly surrender oneself to surprise and allow the Oracle's intuitive wisdom to shed light on one’s given situation or circumstance that allows one to access Universal knowledge. Anyone can get answers and insights directly from Spirit.

Our ancestors used bones, stones, dowsing sticks, and other arcane divining tools to access the Oracle.  These days we've added digital interfaces, cards, rods, and coins. Different means, same Oracle.

Oracular services on offer

Lenormand Card Reading


Intuitive cartomancy sparks recognition, fires up the imagination, illustrates the lessons and lays out the relationships between issues currently facing the querent, leading to a clear understanding, in graphic terms, of issues, challenges, potentials and outcomes as they relate to the matter before them. My system of choice is Lenormand, I use both physical cards and digital interfaces for these readings.

Rod Dowsing

By the use of dowsing rods that respond to the flow of life force in answer to 'Yes", "No" or directional questions, one can get immediate answers to the most pressing questions. With some necessary precautions to ensure its consistent accuracy one can have a faithful guide in this most resilient of oracular tools.

i-Ching casting and Reading


Used in therapy by the father of modern psychotherapy himself, Carl Jung, this ancient Chinese system, based on the Chinese Book of Changes, has earned its place in advanced psychiatric and psychological work, as it helps tap into the unconscious, the root of our being. I use both coins and digital interfaces for these readings.

If you would like a reading please get in touch.


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