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What Human Design Is Not


Religion or Belief System

Human Design is not a set of rules to impose on yourself or anyone else. It is not a moral code nor a method of self-improvement to make us more palatable or successful according to societal standards. Rather it is a system that shows us how unique each of us are and what may be correct for one person may be very different for the next.

Personality Typing System

Human Design is not based on a questionnaire like Myers-Briggs or the popularized version of the Enneagram system. While these kinds of systems may have some merit, they are created from and engage with the realm of the mind.


Psychological Therapy

While Human Design can be deeply therapeutic, it is not psychological therapy in the conventional sense. A Foundation Reading, Cycles Reading, or Partnership session is more like analyzing and synthesizing a map in the context of one’s real-life experience. The recognition a good reading provides can often be transformative and healing for the individual. Previous experiences are reframed through a lens of acceptance and no blame.



Human Design is similar to astrology in that it creates a chart or “BodyGraph” based on the time, date, and place of birth. Both systems recognize that there is a relationship between the positions of the planets in the birth chart and the patterns, themes, and movement of our actual lives. Many of the interpretations of the characteristics of planets are in resonance or issue from the same principle. From there the Human Design System begins to depart from both traditional and modern systems of astrology.


A Magic Bullet

Some people come into Human Design looking for a magic bullet, a quick fix for solving their perceived problems. Human Design holds that change happens through a deconditioning process and by realigning with our form awareness as means of navigating and making decisions. Deconditioning is a gradual and slow process that occurs as our awareness shifts and we stop doing things that are not correct and detrimental to our life force.


Substitute for Living Life

Many have expanded on the famous Socrates quote, “the unexamined life is not worth living” with “the unlived life is not worth examining.” Human Design suggests that both are necessary for a fulfilling life, living through the body’s awareness and developing our self-reflective consciousness. We learn to trust ourselves through experimenting with being our own authority in our lives.

-Excerpt from Human Design Collective Blog - Click to read whole article

According to the Human Design System the design of your form (body) and personality (mind) are fixed, based on when and where you were born, and on what was going on in the cosmos at around the time of your birth. Cosmic information was imprinted on your DNA by the permeation of its layers by information-laden neutrinos that bombarded your soon-to-be-born form and mind and activated a certain circuitry unique to only you that is as individual as your fingerprint.

Socrates called "Know Yourself" the sump of all philosophical commandments.  With human beings being the remarkably poor judges of themselves that they tend to be that comes as no surprise. "Know your design" offers infinitely more latitude for true self-knowledge.



What more authentic way could there be to be living in this life than to be living in harmony with one's innate design; living while using one's full embodiment as the basis of their  life decisions and for finding and knowing what is true or right for themselves?

The application of information derived using the Human Design System is referred to as an experiment: An experiment in what life can be like for you when you choose to be what some of the world's oldest knowledge systems - Astrology, the i Ching and Chakra system working in synthesis with the much newer Human Design knowledge - suggest to you that you are, not by conditioning, but by design.

Human Design-informed living is called an experiment because Human Design is not dogma and requires no belief in it for it to work. One simply has a bodygraph made, gets it read, tries the information they receive on for size and sees what difference it makes to follow the 2 main things their reading shows them - their personal body-encoded decision making authority and their body-encoded life-living strategy.


Predicated on 2 complimentary aspects of the being - one's design in their physical form and the design of their personality or mind, each of which was uniquely encoded on the form and the mind of every individual being on earth at the time of, and 88 days prior to, their birth, and on the slew of information derivative of this data - Human Design promises a whole new level and depth of self-knowledge as they pertain to our physical and mental forms in this incarnation.

The insights gained from Human Design can help one harmonise their relationship to themself, understand others' actions, motivations or issues better in the most basic sense, and know whether they are truly playing the game of life or whether their conditioned mind is playing them.

What Human Design Is


An Experiment

Human Design is a beautiful and logical system. You can test and verify its validity for yourself through personal experience, living, and experimenting with it day by day. The system offers Strategy and Authority as practical tools to approach decisions as yourself through a process of surrendering to one’s form. It brings the possibility of “passenger” or “witness” consciousness where we have awareness of ourselves as we are engaging with and moving through the world.

No Choice

Human Design suggests that our trajectory in life is set in motion before birth and that we live in a “no choice universe.” This is often a tough pill to swallow for most of us who attempt to maintain control over our lives. Some might argue that we make all kinds of choices every day. But do these kinds of daily “choices” matter in the context of our larger life story?


Deconstruction Project

Human Design, like any powerful method of awakening, is in large part a deconstruction project. From the point of view of the Human Design System, awakening is a process of differentiation and living out our unique design. This often involves letting go of what we thought we knew or wanted in favor of what actually serves us and the natural purpose we can fulfill. It may require going through some loss, pain, difficulty, or unexpected change as we stop trying to be what we are not.

A Road Map

Human Design provides a way of understanding what it actually means to live uniquely as ourselves. It is a body of knowledge that respects our individuality and that we are an ever-evolving species. It can help us know and love what we are, recognize others as they are, and let go of shame, blame, and the torturous experience of taking everything so personally with so much seriousness and righteousness.


Mechanics of the Maia

The Human Design System describes the shared reality construct that we all participate in. It is often referred to as the Science of Differentiation showing the unique nature of the individual through the imprint of the birth chart.


A Surrender Into Ourselves

A core Human Design motto is “Love Yourself”. All the information found in this rich and complex system can return us to this simple possibility. To love and respect ourselves as and where we are and let life unfold through us. We may then see that this love can extend to a recognition and acceptance of others as well.

-Excerpt from Human Design Collective Blog - Click to read whole article

Why Human Design.

“Everything about Human Design is that the moment that you escape conditioning you escape sameness. And it is the sameness that clouds our mythological potential. It is the uniqueness of operating correctly as ourselves that define our very mythological and fulfill our lives in a state that in Design we call awaken-ness. Simply to be correct as yourself is to be unique and to be one who is fulfilling the potential of their incarnation.”


- Ra Uru Hu

Human Design offerings

Basic Insights


Click on the Genetic Matrix banner to receive your free Human Design Bodygraph that will help you begin to get to know yourself better; and, should you choose to work with me, will allow me to have specific insights that may inform our approach to any subsequent treatments, therapies or counsel you may receive at Munyati's Royal Lwanga. Note that your exact birth time is required for maximum accuracy. Ensure you have it handy before you claim your free chart.

Basic Bodygraph Reading

This is a 45-minute session that dives into the fundamental aspects of your Human Design Bodygraph, including your Type, Profile, Strategy, and Authority, and gives you the first stepping stones that will lead you to a new place of awareness about yourself and how you can begin to live in greater authenticity starting immediately. Connection Bodygraphs - between you and another person - can also be explored in a Basic Bodygraph reading session. This is a paid service.

Full Bodygraph Reading


Should you desire a much more detailed reading we recommend you take one with Leann Wolff, a friend and also a Certified Human Design specialist with great depth of soul. You may take a look at information about her Human Design Foundation - Align to Your Purpose Session here. This is a paid referral service.

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