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Sunrise over Mountains

Back from the brink

Saved by the book that presents the all-important, deeper, liberating understanding of us humans.

Understanding. We, as a fully conscious species, are driven by it. The extent to which we do or we don’t understand something is the extent to which we are at peace with it or not. The extent of our understanding seems to be the extent of our function. Dysfunction often is rooted in a failure to understand. Psychoses seem to dissipate once understanding has been reached.


All this could be argued against, of course. It could be said to be a matter of semantics, but what cannot be argued against is another’s experience. I want to share mine with you, in the hope that it helps you on your path.


Prior to 2013 I was a practicing therapist, working at it part-time at a Lusaka-based holistic health facility called MyAfya, later renamed and rebranded to Umoyo. I worked with clients who were dealing with all manner of situations, utilizing NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Reiki as my go-to toolkit.  I was also employed - full time - by a large advertising agency as an Associate Creative Director. On weekends I was a radio personality, presenting a weekly personal development segment on a radio station called QFM, which I did consistently for 3 years. I also occasionally held workshops and seminars, teaching people how they could better their being and self-management so they could improve their quality of life and improve their comfort in their human skin. It felt great, doing what I was doing, beaming with optimism as I tried to pass on what I knew to others so that they could feel great too.


But as I went on and on, doing what I was doing, the joy began to be sapped out of what had started out as a labour of love, as I realized that none of the things I was sharing - be they techniques or information - went deep enough, reached far enough into the psyches of the people I was trying to help or even, when applied in my own experience, did much to bring lasting healing to my own deep inner wounding. I was a doctor trying to heal himself while -and through - healing others, and it wasn’t working.


After a long-drawn out period of feeling I was ‘barking up the wrong tree’, I gave up. I shut down shop. I stopped taking clients. I stopped presenting on radio. I quit workshopping. I focused on my full time career in advertising and became a full-time wage slave. Every once in a while I would make an exception - when I needed the money, if I’m being honest - and see a client here and there, but I was dried out. The fiery vibrance that had once animated me was gone. I couldn’t put a finger on what it was that had so hammered me to the ground, nor did I recognize how close I was to a precipice from which return would be well-nigh impossible without powerful intervention. I was in a state of defeat and low-key (nonclinical) depression, and a deep bitter cynicism about the value of even trying to help anyone better their life or lot anymore set in. How could I get anyone unstuck from the bog of mental fog, emotional juvenility or spiritual immaturity when I myself was struggling to hold onto my faith in the goodness of humanity - the very thing that could give any value to my efforts? I was in the shadowlands.

Some ways into my trek in the darkness I was surfing the net and came across an ad - this was in October 2016 - for a free book giveaway. The Book was ‘FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition’ by Jeremy Griffith. I clicked on the link, (which everyone still can), and downloaded the free PDF version of the book, and from page 1 I was riveted. By the time I’d reached the end of it I felt like I’d been thrown a lifeline. It was like the universe had seen my un-cried tears and heard the bone-deep groans of my soul for some way out of the shadowlands to be shown me; a way that would make sense of the nonsense of human life as we were all living it. Life didn’t make sense - and no amount of hypnotherapy, binaural beats, meditation or tapping could change that, but what I learned from this amazing book was that the underlying reason for why life doesn’t make sense is the issue of what’s called ‘the human condition’ – which the book explained and fully resolved, such that I had finally found the meaning of the whole human journey and thus of my life – which is why the book is called ‘FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition’!


No one needs the human condition defined for them. We live it every day. We are so competitive, aggressive, and selfish when the ideals of life are, so obviously, to be the opposite, namely cooperative, loving and selfless; and this dilemma of why we are the way we are – seemingly brutal monsters when we seemingly shouldn’t be – is the issue of our human condition!


And the issue of the human condition is even more extreme than that. What is revealed in FREEDOM is that our distant, pre-conscious ancestors actually lived in a cooperative, selfless, and loving innocent state, and then for some reason, we corrupted that original innocent state. To quote just one of the writers Jeremy Griffith refers to in his book, “A former sense of oneness has been lost from the human species. Everywhere in religion and myth there is an acknowledgment that we have departed from an original innocence and can return to it only through the resolution of some profound inner discord. The cause of the Fall is described variously as disobedience, as the eating of a forbidden fruit [from ‘the tree of knowledge in the Biblical Adam and Eve story]” (Richard Heinberg, ‘Memories & Visions of Paradise’). So our distant ancestors once lived in a cooperative and loving innocent state, then we took ‘the fruit from the tree of knowledge’ – in other words, we became conscious seekers of understanding – and as a result became sufferers of ‘some profound inner discord’. The crux issue that Jeremy Griffith’s book finally resolves is the cause of that ‘profound inner discord’, which is that when we became fully conscious seekers of knowledge an upsetting, discord-producing battle inevitably broke out with our non-understanding, dictatorial instincts. It’s the ability that science gives us now to explain the difference between dictatorial instincts and an insightful conscious intellect that finally makes it possible to explain that we conscious humans are good and not bad after all. We had to defy our instincts and search for knowledge, and being able to finally explain and understand that ends the insecure ‘profound inner discord’ about our soul-corrupted, ‘fallen’ human condition.


This instinct vs intellect struggle is actually a very obvious truth once you hear it. And it is the key redeeming insight needed to rehabilitate the human race – as a former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association Professor Harry Prosen has said, “I have no doubt that Jeremy Griffith’s biological explanation of the human condition is the holy grail of insight we have sought for the psychological rehabilitation of the human race.”


So FREEDOM finally made sense of humans’ seemingly mad existence for me. Basically, it gave me back my faith in the fundamental goodness of humanity and made it safe for me to love myself and humanity again so that I could put my best foot forward again in its service - but this time, armed with understanding.


After spending a couple of years recouping and regrouping I have remerged in the public square, here to bring healing and light, knowledge, and understanding to all who choose to let me.

I set up Munyati’s Royal Lwanga in homage to my ancestry, and as a point where, as we seek healing and wholeness through understanding, we can all remember where we are from and acknowledge what we will become one day. We are all here on account of our ancestors, indeed on account of the accomplishments of the whole human race over thousands of generations of searching for knowledge. When we are gone, we too will become ancestors, hence our tagline: The Ancestor in me sees the Ancestor in you. This applies both as a past and future expression.


I have created and curated the Mbeza Royal Establishment website for the purpose of ensuring that the history and ways of my indigenous nation  - the Bana Munyati of Mbeza - are never forgotten, and as an expression of the blazing of a new, much broader trail for its people based on understanding the human condition.

Were it not for my 2016 encounter with Jeremy Griffith's FREEDOM: The End of the Human Condition and my subsequent visit to the World Transformation Movement centre in Australia, there would be no Munyati’s Royal Lwanga, no Mbeza Royal Establishment website, nor would I have had the heart, the courage or the trust to step into my role as a member of the Nalubamba Royal Family of Mbeza, embracing my ancestry fully and accepting my ancestral anointing as the successor to the seat of Mwami Munyati of Mbeza with the aim of bringing true freedom and lasting development to my people through understanding the human condition.


It is not an exaggeration to say that I and my entire indigenous nation - whether or not the individuals who make it up are or ever will be aware of it - owe a tremendous debt to the book FREEDOM for its redeeming understanding of the human condition that has returned the healer to his craft and facilitated this man's readiness to serve his people as Mwami Munyati wa Mbeza.


As a testament to my appreciation for FREEDOM and my immeasurable support of the life-transforming information being shared by Jeremy and the World Transformation Movement (WTM) I opened a WTM Centre in Zambia in 2017 – see link below. It serves as a local touchpoint for this global movement. I also recommend that those who may be interested check out, which is the website of the WTM Eastern Cape Centre South Africa, which was founded by Reggie Khotshobe, an Igqirha (Sangoma or traditional healer) based there. Take a few minutes to hear him tell of how he has been transformed through being able to understand the human condition in the process of reading FREEDOM. In his own words, "Jeremy's book FREEDOM is about ubuntu' ... and I could not agree more.


In time FREEDOM will become the cornerstone of my community’s knowledge base in the land of the Bana Munyati, as it is made required reading for our community leaders there. I believe it will do for them what it did for me, equipping them to serve with understanding. I know, should you choose to read it with an open mind and receptive heart, that it most certainly will transform your life, and that you too will see how FREEDOM brings that all-important, deeper, and liberating understanding of us humans that alone can save the world.


You can acquire your free electronic copy of FREEDOM at the link below.


By: Mutenguna-Franklin-Mukakanga:Nalubamba

Mutenguna FM Nalubamba chatting with Jeremy Griffith at WTM centre in Sydney, Australia, 2017

Sunrise over Mountains

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