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Time is TBD


Virtual Hangout Zone (VHZ)

The Discover You Hangout

An adventure in self-knowledge beckons! Here's your chance to get a quick 'once over' of your unique imprint as captured in your Human Design bodygraph and shared in a fun, easygoing space and among fellow discoverers. Just share the date, place, and time of your birth.

The Discover You Hangout
The Discover You Hangout

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Virtual Hangout Zone (VHZ)

About the event

The Serendipity of Awareness

Self-awareness is not for everyone. Most people are content with just ambling through life as though comatose and robotic, not concerned at all about living their purpose or even curious about what their true potential is to individuate: to become the singular being they know deep inside they are here to be but that is lost in the homogenized soup of everyday living among the unaware, the spiritless, the resigned. Most, however, are not you.

If you're still reading this then it's obvious: You're one of us; us who are not content to rest on the laurels of mean achievement - of cleverness and pithy clichés - projected on us or conditioned into us throughout our lives by well-meaning parents, friends or even employers and tattooed onto our personas by the trappings of success: House, money, car. There remains an inner restlessness based on the awareness that arises with the asking of one simple question: Who are you? Who are you really? And the awareness that this is something you have never truly known behind the clothes you wear, the lifestyle you lead, the apparent

What if you learned that there is a synthetic knowledge system - one that brings together all the key knowledge systems from ancient to modern times - that can give you a mechanical, verifiable view of your individual design; that can show you why you are faced - like clockwork - with certain dilemmas based on the acting out of specific patterns again and again; Why decisions made in a certain way have led to success and satisfaction while others made another have led to blockage and resistance; and how, by surrendering to your true self's nature you can discover you in a way and to a depth you would have never imagined to be possible before? To introduce you to this system and the truth of you is what The Discover You Hangout is about.

The system is called Human Design and is a synthesis of the Chinese i-Ching, Judaic Kabbalah, Vedic Astrology, and Quantum Physics, without fluff,  superstition, or hoopla. It is a mechanical synthesis. It is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts and that every day is being validated both empirically and experimentally, the latter through experimenters who, having learned their design are finding their lives deeply enriched by practicing being 'their own authority' and discovering who they truly are.

The awareness that comes through the Human Design system has empowered some to stand up for themselves, liberated others from the tyranny of their own mental prisons, enlightened and awakened yet others, and totally transformed mind, soul, and body as may be their serendipity, as they live their design and experiment to the extent that is correct for them as guided by their inner authority.

Is this for you really?

You too have an inner authority - one that can tell you if this adventure is for you.

  • Do you feel drawn to finding out more?
  • Does the prospect of finally discovering your true self excite you?
  • Does the frequency feel right to you? Like this is a space that could make a real difference in your life?
  • Would you like more time to let it sit with you and come back when you're clear?
  • You're hereby invited to bring your wonderful self into space with us to receive information that could potentially do in you what nothing else has been able to do for you in all your years of searching: to bring you face-to-face with your true self so that you can truly know self-love, the hallmark of a well-lived life.

If you got 'uh-huhs' or felt expansive energetic movements around your belly area at the questions or feel the invitation deeply, then your inner authority is likely telling you to join in.

If you got 'uh-uhs' or felt a shrinking energetic movement around your belly area as you read the questions or don't feel this is an invitation you would like to accept, then your inner authority is likely telling you this is not for you.

If you're not clear, then perhaps you need to read through this again in your own time. Perhaps you will gain clarity either way.

We, on the other hand, are not invested in your deciding one way or the other. All we can do is show the door. Whoever has the serendipity of walking through it is not up to us, nor is it our concern. A potential leap in self-awareness may be the outcome, or maybe just a couple of hours of good, clean fun.

See you in there - or not. 





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