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Career Profile Analysis: The big 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What exactly is Career Profile Analysis, and how can it enhance my career journey?

Career Profile Analysis, provided by Maxmind Performance Consultants, is a service designed to help individuals uncover their genetically imprinted work style and decision-making strategies. By gaining a deep understanding of your unique attributes, you can make informed career choices and embark on a path to success tailored to your strengths.


2. What sets Career Profile Analysis apart from conventional career assessments?

What sets Career Profile Analysis apart is its unique approach to understanding your genetic makeup. By examining your bodygraph, a comprehensive illustration of your individual psychological and physiological blueprint, derived from your birth data, this analysis provides highly personalized insights. Unlike generic career advice, the Career Profile Analysis offers guidance tailored to your specific needs. It reveals, among other things, whether you are best suited for entrepreneurship, partnerships, teamwork, or large corporations.

3. Is Career Profile Analysis suitable for individuals at all career stages?

Absolutely. Career Profile Analysis is relevant for individuals at any point in their career journey. Whether you're just starting out, exploring new opportunities, or seeking a change in your seasoned career, this analysis can provide valuable guidance based on your unique attributes.


4. What are the potential benefits of undergoing Career Profile Analysis?

Career Profile Analysis is a powerful tool that can help you achieve greater job satisfaction, career success, and higher earnings. It can also help you avoid stagnation or regrets by providing valuable insights and helping you discover your true potential. Your ability to realize that potential depends on how well you adhere to your unique path.


5. Could you explain the process of Career Profile Analysis and what I can expect during the experience?

The process begins by obtaining your complete birth data, including your date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. An Analyst will then use this information to calculate your imprinted parameters and create your bodygraph. During the session, the Analyst will discuss your bodygraph with you, highlighting key information relevant to your work life. This includes your strengths, dilemmas, and how you interact with others. The session can be conducted in person or online, and can be either live or recorded.

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