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An EXPOsition of the arts of Mutenguna

Son of Munyati

Artistry lives in us all and only expresses itself if bidden and when allowed... without judgment, without expectation.


My artistic core


As a human being, naturally, I'm not all about work. I couldn't be, and remain sane. I express the powerful creative current that courses through my being in many different ways. Aside from being a helper, therapist, and leader, I'm relentlessly artistic. It can't be taught, couldn't be 'disciplined' or 'matured' out of me. 

Welcome to my online expo.

Beware, you may learn a lot about me that may shock you. I am not responsible for any disillusionment or enlightenment that may ensue.



In music land, my artist name is Philojira, who is self-described as a musician's musician - a highly experimental, multi-instrument playing, singing, rapping, self-producing musical anomaly.

My absolute favorite instrument of all is the piano.

It has been my melancholic best friend since childhood, allowing me to express my deepest wishes and lament my deepest woes. These days I play more digital than manual pianos.

Recently, I have taken to drumming on an African drum.


Though I've been sketching and doodling all my life, I only recently found a medium that seems to blend my need for speed with my love of simplicity of expression - digital painting.


Title: Chikguma rises

The ancestor from beyond the mists of time stands atop the earth from which his emanations will continue to arise in perpetuity.


Title: Imaski

We are a mystery. We are indescribable. We are inscrutable. We are umuntu... and we wear a million masks.


More digital paintings...

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