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Hello, I'm Mutenguna.



Coach/ Therapist/Educator

Muna Mwami

Heretic Teacher Hermit Buddha

Every single individual incarnated on this plane for a purpose.


Mine is to charismatically support the building and sustenance of thriving communities through educating, sharing practical solutions that challenge norms, and, with a clear focus, leading those on my fractal that i am here to lead, not by diktat but by example.


Thriving communities are made up of empowered individuals. i live to empower - specifically - those individuals who recognize my unique gifts and call me to contribute to their experience, inviting me to be a part of their process whether through communion, personalized education, therapy, or change-facilitation.

In Human Design terms I'm a PRL DLR 2/5 Emotional Manifesting Generator with a Projector split, My incarnation cross is the Right Angle Cross of Planning. In Plainspeak i am a hermit who needs to be called into service and needs time to be clear on whether or not i it it correct to commit to what is asked of me by those in my community. Once committed, my charisma is magickal and my power indefatigable. i live in waiting. i wait to respond.


Customarily, within the traditional framework of the royal family - the Bana Mwami - of the Mbeza Royal Establishment, our traditional institutions and the legacy of the Bana Munyati of the dominion registered with the Government of the Republic of Zambia as Nalubamba Chiefdom, I'm the inheritor of the name  'Munyati' - its founding ruler - and am ancestrally bestowed with the name's accompanying authority and the spirit of Munyati's dominion, being, in correct succession's order, the  rightful heir to the throne of our indigenous domain, to the rulership of the 'People of Munyati', per our people's customs and tradition.

A 'lwanga' in my culture is a forked stick on which is hung and somewhere around which is placed a regular offering to a family or community's ancestral guardian spirit. It is a place of communion with the Ancestor; a reminder of the universality of all of our indigenous spiritual roots and culture. Thus the DBA name 'Munyati's Royal Lwanga' is an ode to my ancestor, without whom I would not be here.

i warmly welcome you to a space of deep, transformative alignment, learning, communion and community.

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